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Your daily Spotify stats like you never seen it before

Our new version of Spotify Trends gives you super valuable insights into your daily streaming activity on Spotify. Available for free to all who use Record Union, we want everyone to be able to experience the power of extensive daily Spotify reporting.

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Powerful stats at your fingertips

Ever wondered what your top playlists are? How your songs appeal to different age groups or genders? Or how many unique listeners you have, as opposed to plays? Use the new Spotify Trends tool to find out more about your fans and how they engage with your music.

Beyond giving great insights into your general performance, Spotify Trends is an invaluable tool when you release new material. Here it can be used to see the impact of different marketing activities and find out what works best.

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Find out more about your fans

  • CountriesCompare your plays
    between countries
  • Age & GenderRich demographic information
    about your fans
  • SourcesDid they play it from the search results,
    or listen via a playlist? Use sources to find out
  • PlaylistsFind out exactly which playlists
    are featuring your music
  • Account typesFind out which type of
    Spotify subscriptions your listeners use
  • Plays vs. ListenersSwitch between viewing number of plays
    and individual listeners

Access your Spotify data on the go

On the road and want to check your plays on the fly? We have made sure that you can access Spotify trends not only from your desktop computer but also from your favourite smart phone or tablet device. Accessibility as well as ease of use was one of our core principles when designing this feature.

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