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Artist background
Amnezia Bookings

Amnezia Bookings

Haarlem, Netherlands
A&R at Record Union


Rock , Alternative , Pop

Amnezia offers digital Distribution as a part of Amnezia Bookings - the new agency for upcoming bands and artists! Although Amnezia Bookings is new to the music industry, the company contains a well experienced staff. <br> <br>Together with a skilled and well-connected booking team our artists gets to take advantage of our highly regarded knowledge about digital PR and Marketing. By working in the industry during the change from the Analog world to the new Digital music age, we have gathered the tools and knowledge to be on top of the digital music world. In other words we are experts in creating a “buzz”, knowing which social media channels and other digital channels to show presence and content. <br> <br>Amnezia Bookings combines the experience of Digital marketing, social media promotion, booking shows/gigs to let the artist focus on preparing for the best show! <br> <br>With the music industry changing the demand to be noticed in Social media and other digital positions has become crucial. <br> <br>Are you an artist who is struggling with finding time to understand how to be able to keep up with marketing, promotion and booking shows? Then let Amnezia Bookings take care of Digital Distribution, bookings, digital marketing and pr for your band or music! <br> <br> We offer a custom made package for artists, bands and music labels to get shows, digital releases on all major World Wide vendors and digital marketing. <br> <br>ALL Releases: <br>XAD - NO Surrender - EP <br>XAD - Single, Mary Turns To Gold <br>TOBBAS - "Lesson 8"



  • For Show

    By Acid Pussy

  • Twelve brave souls

    By Planet ZERPO

  • Legend of A Cannibal King


  • A Distorted World History

    By XAD

  • Starlight - An Ode to Dani

    By XAD


    By XAD

  • Lesson 8

    By Tobbas

  • Mary Turns To GOLD

    By XAD


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