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Artist background
Jon Meyerjon

Jon Meyerjon

Assen, Netherlands



Jon Meyerjon came into contact with music at a young age. After several years of being part of various bands, Meyerjon decided to target blues in 1990 and joined the Greyhound Blues Band originally formed in Assen. In this band he has developed further as a singer / guitarist and has gained much experience in accompanying many, often American, blues musicians. Jon has released three albums: The Doggoners Blues Out (2017), Blues Rhythm 'n Love (2007) and Doggone It! (2001). You can catch Meyerjon's music under the term "Doggone Blues". It's its own style with easy-to-listen, danceable music, which has its roots in the blues, but also sideways. In addition to solo performances is Meyerjon singer-guitarist of The Greyhound Blues Band. This band has tanned in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and France and occurs throughout the Netherlands. Jon also started the Jon Meyerjon Band in 2019, so that his own songs can now be played live.



  • The Doggoners Blues Out

    By Jon Meyerjon

  • Doggone Blues Live | Bassman S..

    By Greyhound Blues Band

  • Doggone It!

    By Jon Meyerjon

  • Blues, Rhythm 'n Love

    By Jon Meyerjon

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