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Swedish Black Metal <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>Sweden’s Elimi have only been molesting the ear canals of the underground for a short space of time, forming in 2004 and then releasing a quietly satisfactory demo, “Slutet, Mörkret & Tystnaden” in 2006, but within the hateful bounds of their debut full-length, “Summoned From Ashes”, they sound like they’ve been crafting this black metal spite for aeons. On the one hand this is because Elimi opt for a traditional, ‘orthodox’ black metal sound, which will no doubt evoke early Norwegian bands aplenty, but on the other it is because they’re a tight outfit with a clear vision and firm song-writing direction, which lends them gravitas and strength. <br> <br>In many ways “Summoned From Ashes” is raw; Roggirek Garm’s vocals are incredibly rasping, and seem to slither across the rest of the music with malign force. The tempo of the eight tracks on offer is frequently energetic, with a nasty (in a good way) punky kick to the percussion and an immediacy in the savage, cold riffs at the heart of tracks such as “Skral” and “Devoted to the Strong”. Where the tracks are more mid-paced, a great swagger overtakes the rhythm. The production doesn’t allow for any polish or drama, but is nicely balanced, meaning that there’s nothing here to deter the lover of pure and frosty black metal. <br> <br>However, whilst traditionalists can find joy in Elimi, the band also create a sound varied enough to hold the interest of other fans too. For something so spiteful, “Summoned From Ashes” is remarkably melodic, with atmospheric, moving guitar lines sitting subdued in the mix yet still managing to grab attention. The aura which the melodies on “End of Existence” and “Det Meningslösa” create is much larger than first impressions of the music would suggest possible. Indeed, the latter track, which is thoughtful and brooding, and mixes dark melody with an experimental and unsettling vocal performance, hints at an emerging maturity in Elimi’s songwriting that may take us all by surprise sooner rather than later. <br> <br>Elimi do a lot of the things that traditional black metal acts do; they are aggressive, hateful, noisy, simplistic and yet complicated all at once, employing icy leads and cunning directional changes to hook the hearts of the faithful. Their strength lies in the fact they do these things with technical skill, and with their own unique sound. That some of this must be accredited to the prominent and creative bass work of Verrot, now sadly departed, adds a poignancy to the listening, but these Swedes seem like the kind to overcome adversity and absorb strength on their journey. No question about it; we will be hearing more. <br> <br>- Ellen Simpson, Hierophant Nox Webzine



  • The Seed

    By Elimi

  • Asylum

    By Elimi

  • Summoned From Ashes

    By Elimi