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Artist background
Jan Daniels

Jan Daniels

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom


Folk , Country , Alternative

Writing songs since a very young age, only to play them for friends and family. <br>Self-taught on the guitar so I wrongly thought that I was not good enough to play in front of others. <br>Over the years, as I gained some self-confidence, I entered various talent shows and thankfully won a couple of them. <br>Now, after major heart surgery I have decided to utilise my songs, I recorded the songs simply to get them heard online. I have sold C.D&#39;s <br>to friends, family and aquaintances. <br>One of my songs, This is Love is now available to buy on iTunes, Amazon and a few more sites as from this week just to see how it goes. All of my tracks are for sale on my website <br>I hope you enjoy listening and would like to thank you for your interest. <br> <br>J. Daniels/Jan Ward



  • This is Love

    By Jan Daniels