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Artist background
Turn off your television

Turn off your television

Malmö, Sweden


Folk , Pop , Alternative , Rock

Turn off your television is a three man band from Sweden with influences in the 60s, 70s and the 90s. Inspired by the likes of Sparklehorse, Grand Archives, Luna and Belle and Sebastian many people describe their music as soft melodic folk rock with simple and memorable hooks. Imagine easy-going tunes with strong vocal harmonies and guitar-driven acoustic americana, that is seamlessly embellished with the whiffs of harmonica and slight psychedelia now and then. Then blend it with some swedish depression and you have songs that spill across your ears like a gentle stream, much like the soothing tones of nature it self. Some people might call it gentle Seattle rock, while others rather refer to the music as cool slow-wave or even altcountry.



  • Var kommer vi ifrån?

    By Låtsaspoeten

  • TvÅ steg fram

    By LÅtsaspoeten

  • Hello Mark Linkous - A Tribute..

    By Various artist

  • Save all the liars

    By Turn off your television

  • Humble waves

    By Turn off your television

  • Wasted time

    By Turn off your television

  • Turn Off Your Television

    By Turn off your television