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Artist background
JLp1317 The BLuE WoLF

JLp1317 The BLuE WoLF

Menasha ,
Recruited By: Dipset Deejayz LLC

HipHop , Inspirational , Pop

Biography: <br> <br>Born August 13th, 1982. On a friday the 13th of a full moon to a triplet mother born on mothers Day... Grew up in neenah, wisconsin... by about age 8 i knew i wanted to be an entertainer. i played basketball, football, and was a state champion for the Neehah Jr. legion baseball team. at age 12 , i started listening to dr. dre , and bone-thugz-n-harmony... first time i ever heard bizzy bone. i told all my friends. when i grow up, thats what i wanna do... i began studying hip-hop and would freestyle wierd al like parody type funny skits to already known songs when they came on.everyone would tell should write that down.that&#39; was awesome, but to me was effortlessly a drop in a hat. at age 16 i was expelled from neenah high. both my parents being good parents. did not want drugs in thier homes. my parents divorced when i was only a year old. so now i was living on my own on the streetz and started getting into real trouble. selling and using harder drugs, only to land me in and out of prison and jail my entire adult life until about five years ago after being released from prison deciding i dont wanna live that life any more.while expelled i went to the administration building downtown and met my first hip-hop partner in crime &#39;Blaze&#39;. we both wanted to make our own labels and paired up. using acid pro two point o, with a plastic mic, and zero no how.. blaze learned how to run the beat very quickly, my first song was called, &#39; Paid My due$ &#39; All one take one line all the way through. thinking in my mindz eye when you see live music that&#39;s how they perform. so that must be how you recorded it too... little did i know... we were the 920 boyz... that was in 2003. by mid to late 2004 , we were introduced to handz onn and teamed up with his label kryptik productionz. there we began working with big-h. prophecy, and the un-holy unioin.biblical and strangalahh. we worked together for about two years until partying ways and everyone started doing their own individual work. i went out to minnesota with big h. he had decided to start eighteen twelve recordz. again working there while on the run from legal issues back in wisconsin. eventually i came back and turned myself in. shortly out i got in more trouble yet again. and was a fugitive once more. then while on the run i was introduced to duhk who was a local dj and beat maker. we just clicked. he started teaching me more ways to make beats and mixing and mastering, and i tought him how to rap. at that point on in 2009 we became &#39;the beat ma$onz&#39; syaying on his families farm. things starting to get hot and i had to re-locate to clintonville, wisconsin. bum fuck booney&#39;s nowhere&#39;s ville usa and stayed with ms claudia a friend of the duhks who we discovered had a decent singing voice, she became our female vocalist. in that process prior my friend Dnamite i had also taught to record and rap. he was our deep bass voice and i.t. computer specialist. so we had a nice squad and a great family. eventually i had to turn myself in again... this time vowing to build stronger and more powerful. i was released from prison october, of 2012. once again re-united with duhk we picked up right where we&#39;d left off...we teamed up together this time with old partner blaze and now were the elite group of the beatma$ons with even more weapons in our arsonal. about two years later i had a falling out with duhk and blaze over petty differences which are cleared now but blaze and duhk took up with big h. and now are together i believe still with eighteen twelve. i still love and respect my brothers whatever decisions they make.. very gifted and talented artists, and we&#39;re always family... in 2014 i decided to go solo and go back to the old drawing board and re invent myself... working full time jobs and still recording thirty to forty hours a week cause that was the only way i could afford the bills. i re emerged as the blue wolf..and that&#39;s who and where i am today.