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Artist background


Helsingborg, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 3714


<br>His name is Kristofer Samoil Jonatan Gulé aka Gulé <br> <br>Repeat and remember.. <br> <br>The 18 year young singing and dancing sensation is here. <br> <br>With a passion for music and dancing for as long as he can remember, he is now perfecting his own particular artistic talents for the future. <br>With his Balkan roots and Swedish style, he's here to shake things up! <br> <br>In the beginning Gulé was highly inspired by the late Michael Jackson and his particular style of dance. <br>He spent most of his childhood refining his own tribute to the great legend and learnt to be step-perfect. <br>As an MJ-style artist he has performed all over Sweden and Scandinavia. <br>He has also started his own, highly popular, MJ-inspired dance school, and has with his own unique interpretation gained many followers. <br> <br>Gulé has now taken the step into the world of song-writing with exciting results. <br> <br>Recent work includes the hot new single "Into Your Eyes". <br>A classic pop-tune that sizzles with the added spice of his own fierce hip-hop moves. <br> <br>People assume he's been performing all his life. To them he simply answers: <br>- I always only started yesterday, each day is comes with new challenges and lessons." <br> <br>It's time for a new and fresh pop-sensation to shake things up, please welcome..



  • Into Your Eyes

    By Gulé