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Artist background
Andy Love

Andy Love

Bremen, Germany


Country , Alternative , Pop

KNOPPAR is a small label based in a suburb of a suburb of a suburb of a big city. There are three artists on KNOPPAR (in alphabetical order): Hajen and Tvärvägen. The third artist is the beautful painter and photo-artist Lupo Manaro, who is responsible for most of the great photos and other art at KNOPPAR. If you want to get in touch with us please send a mail to: [email protected]



  • Day Of Defeat EP

    By Johannes Vidén & Bluebird Association

  • Debris

    By Old Amica

  • the freesummer ep

    By Old Amica

  • For A Second EP

    By Old Amica

  • Seabird

    By Johannes Vidén

  • Forest Fire

    By Hospitalle

  • l'antidote dernière

    By Hospitalle

  • Day Before May

    By Hospitalle

  • Let's Not Tell Our Sad Stories

    By Hospitalle

  • ...of words we return...

    By The Eyeshades

  • Albatross EP

    By Our Crooked Teeth

  • Ghost Cutting

    By Violet Stains

  • From the absence

    By The Eyeshades

  • Concerning Human Understanding

    By Andy Love

  • Timber and Modern Ways

    By A Perfect Friend