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Artist background
Professional Againsters

Professional Againsters

Gothenbburg, Sweden
Recruited By: Hasse

Rock , Rock , Rock

Professional Againsters formed during autumn 2015 and recently released their third full length album, ”Hated by many, loved by few”, on Spotify and other digital retailers. The album was recorded by Per Stålberg at Welfare Studios. Professional Againsters are a punk rock-trio, influenced by Ramones, Motörhead and Pat Todd. The songs usually ends around the one minute-mark and their live shows are known for containing as many songs as minutes that the performance lasts. Professional Againsters makes music that are supposed to feel like a punch in the face, with your mouth full of beer. They are against everything.



  • Born in a bucket of piss

    By Professional Againsters

  • Hated by many, loved by few

    By Professional Againsters

  • Everybody hates the Profession..

    By Professional Againsters

  • The good, the bad & Profes..

    By Professional Againsters