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Artist background
Germ Bomb

Germ Bomb

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Alternative , Rock

Germ Bomb from Sweden, the name came up while listening to a Dead Kennedys song. Pierre and Hampus decided to make a fresh start when their former band Hathor split up. <br>Nine songs were recorded in September 2009 at Grand recording studio in Gothenburg. In sep 2010 they recorded 5 new songs for an upcoming vinyl 7" release in the beginning of 2011. <br>Filthy, fast thrash metal combined with punk attitude and an added edge of heavy and dark influences...Germ Bomb!



  • Gist Sucked Out

    By Germ Bomb

  • Siberia Wasteland

    By Germ Bomb

  • Sound Of Horns

    By Germ Bomb

  • Infected From Birth

    By Germ Bomb