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Artist background
Lady Lacrima

Lady Lacrima

Amsterdam , Netherlands


Opera , Rock , Alternative

Lacrima, a native born German based since end of 2009 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. <br> <br>First experiences already made as a little girl with learning the flute. Later on, she learned how to play the guitar, drums and keyboard. <br> <br>Lacrima grew up and was surrounded by musicians of her home town Bielefeld and there the first steps and foundations were laid on the road to becoming a vocalist. Due to the influence and support of Visible Touch, a then leading Rock Band. <br>The contact with some musicians of that time/era is still maintained. <br> <br>In 2000 her first Band called Black Rose Bleeding, published two demo songs “Reich mir die Hand” und “Bloody Mind”. By 2002 due to differences in musical opinions Lacrima left the band and decided to work and focus more on her vocal education. <br>She started with private operatic studies and finished these in 2009 as lyrical soprano. Shortly after that Lacrima moved to the Netherlands. <br>Since then and with daily training her voice is still growing and continues to develop. <br> <br>2010 a one time project with the old members of Black Rose Bleeding took place. Lacrima was invited as guest singer to sing the female parts of “Kind der Traurigkeit” together with Phantom Commando. <br> <br>2012 Lacrima and her old band partner Maik decided to start with the project Schwarze Tr&#228;nen. But it never became so serious so that finally in 2015 the cut off this band got announced. <br> <br>Also in 2012 Lacrima, to further improve and develop the singing voice and to learn further and more techniques according to the teachings of Catherine Sadolin, took lessons from and with a well known female vocalist. <br> <br>Lacrima joined in 2014 the Brazilian based band Leo’s Confession. The first collaboration includes the tribute song of Kamelot’s “Sacrimony”. After the song was published, Lacrima decided to leave the band to concentrate on her own music. <br> <br>Also quite a few projects are still in the making. The collaboration between Bodanegra feat Lacrima was published in 2011 with the song “Goodbye” which was mastered by Aztlan Zidonia a producer from Amsterdam. Furthermore a big support was also given by Faroukh (aka Minitech Project) in the form of two collaborations as producer of the cover songs “Carnival of Rust” and “Die Zeit”. Another great collaboration took place in 2014 with GE-Covert and the song “You”. <br> <br> <br>But even though time is a very rare commodity, Lacrima was never lazy and always the professional; so she took what little time there was to write lyrics for new material that will be pronounced and released soon. Furthermore Lacrima, in an effort to keep on improving and excelling, is currently training her voice with the assistance and support of another known female vocalist. <br> <br>More projects will be confirmed and announced the first planned release of her mini EP “Thoughtful Moments” for the 16th of April 2016... <br> <br>Lacrima was mainly influenced by artists from the rock, electro, gothic and metal scene. <br>



  • Thoughtful Moments

    By Lady Lacrima