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Artist background
Ralston Shanklin

Ralston Shanklin

Milwaukee, United States of America


Jazz , Pop , NewAge

My name is Ralston Shanklin. I;m a artist from Milwaukee Wi. I live here most of my life. I always wanted to be some one famous. I always entertained my family ,and now I would like to show the world my talent through my music. My first song I ever created was Baby, I;m coming home to you. It was a nice blues beat song. I later wrote a song that catch the eye of every one in that time ,I started wanting to be a song writer. I been playing keyboard for 30 years, and I been singing for 20 years. My song writing career took a great love for me. It bring my fans more close to me. my playing with bands got me the knowledge I need to be a outstanding entertainer. Over the years my music touch a lot of people in Wisconsin. I started recording new song in 2000 ,and now i;m back doing shows out in Chicago. i;m feature on shanklin. check more on me and my music at VSA



  • Girl On the bike

    By Ralston Shanklin