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Artist background


Malmö, Sweden

Recruited By: Rockify


Godass is a cocky rockband from Malmö who has reached fans in Sweden as well as abroad. They have about 1500 fans on Facebook and still counting! <br> <br>Godass rocked Sweden Rock in 2010 and also supported Stell Attack in Rockland, Sala, same year when they did an unique reuniongig with the original lineup. 2012 they played at Skånes new big festival Helldorado and 2013 they have supported Swedens finest rockexport, Crucified Barbara and is booked by Siestafestivalen. <br> <br>Right now Godass is about to record their new EP "No Deal" wich will be released soon. <br> <br>Godass only has one mission, and that is to ROCK YOUR ASS OFF!


  • Fast Lane

    By Godass