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Artist background
İrfan Çoban

İrfan Çoban

İstanbul, Turkey


Pop , HipHop

The Turkish artist and DJ & producer, otherwise known as İrfan Çoban, remains on the cutting edge of electronic music, keeping his eyes on the future at all times and consistently challenging himself and the genre at large. Boring and growing up in Sivas,Turkey, he picked up the guitar at nine-years-old. In the midst of his studies, he also found time to experiment with his father’s guitar— a foreshadowing of what was to eventually come for the budding musician. Leaving university with only one year left until completion, İrfan Çoban dove headfirst into a career making music. In 2010 he moved to İstanbul, at the same time in 2010 he started to into music industry, at that time he is producing for much more artists.


  • Unlimited Power

    By İrfan Çoban

  • The Travel

    By İrfan Çoban