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Artist background
I Have Been Floated

I Have Been Floated

Ewing, United States of America


Rock , Alternative , Blues

Four guys... Two brothers and their two best friends... All from a weird suburban wasteland known and central New Jersey. Playing mostly rock and roll, but also anything they feel like. <br> <br>This group started forming around 2009 in Philadelphia, and after a few lineup and geographic changes, I Have Been Floated became what it is today. <br> <br>About the Band&#39;s name: <br>Around 2010 I (Brian) was reading an essay on intellect by Emerson, while the OTC&#39;s album Black Foliage played quietly in the background. I had recently found out about the group from my love of Neutral Milk Hotel and anything Elephant 6. Somehow I didn&#39;t know that Jeff Mangum did guest vocals on track 13. So while reading this essay about intellect, intellection, and how the two rationalize thought... something clicked and I realized that the song was referencing the essay....and I was floated to the thought of naming this band.



  • Fine Vibrations

    By I Have Been Floated