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Artist background
Tornado Babies

Tornado Babies

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


Tornado Babies is a rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. <br>The band was formed in 1987 with the lineup: <br>Dan Ellstr&#246;m – Vocals <br>Kenny Gustavsson – Guitar <br>Lennart Esbj&#246;rnsson – Drums <br>Bertil Nieminen – Guitar <br>Paul Vahala – Bass. <br>After a few rehearsals Kenny left the band and was replaced with Peter Petta Hunyadi and the first demo was recorded in 1988. <br> <br>After the demo and a few gigs Paul left the band and Kenny returned. <br>The band changed the lineup many times throughout the following years. <br>Eventually in 1990 the original lineup was back together and the band started to write songs for their debut album, but just a few weeks before they went into the recording studio Lennart decides to call it quits. <br>A new drummer was needed pretty fast and Dan Rigtorp (who just had left his band Overland Stage Riders) joined the band as the new drummer. <br>The new lineup was: <br>Dan Ellstr&#246;m – Vocals <br>Kenny Gustavsson – Guitar <br>Bertil Nieminen – Guitar <br>Paul Vahala – Bass <br>Dan Rigtorp – Drums. <br> <br>After a few hectic weeks of rehearsals the band went into a studio and recorded their debut album “Eat this” released in 1991. <br>The album was followed by praised reviews in all newspapers and gigs all around Sweden. <br> <br>A year later the band signed with a new label and started to work with producer Lars Dille Diedricson for the second album “Delirious” which was released in 1993. <br> <br>As with the previous album they got great reviews in media with another run of gigs thru Sweden. <br> <br>In 1995 the band recorded the song “Straight To Hell” for the compilation album <br>”Garanterat Ipluggat”. <br>Soon after this the drummer Dan called it quits and was replaced with Mats “Dojan” Hansson. <br>In 1996 they recorded the song “Jailbreak” for the compilation album ”A salute to AC/DC”. <br> <br>The following year (1997) the band did their last gig and Mats Hansson joined Mustasch. <br>The band was put on hold… <br> <br>But, after a long break the band joined forces again in 2013 with the original debut album lineup. <br>They started to write new songs and released the single “Bored Beyond Belief” in 2015. <br>



  • Delirious

    By Tornado Babies

  • Eat This

    By Tornado Babies