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Artist background
Pen Expers

Pen Expers

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


In their home country, Pen Expers have been called “the only Swedish gloom rock you’ll ever need”. That sort of still applies. Granted, of course, that you consider the broadness with which this ingenious unit operates compared to on their sophomore album Baby’s Gone Straight (2008). <br> <br>The third effort from this restless Gothenburg outfit, Dirty Tender Love was recorded in the prominent studio Svenska Grammofonstudion (owned by members of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives). Enforced with a fresh line-up and backed up by a new record label, what this ever so hungry group presents here is a sound improved in every way possible. The material ranges from dramatic, mature rock to energetic outbreaks verging on punk. In between, a spectrum of dark lights and contrastive nuances unfolds as the band plunges on exploring the junkyard of rock music. <br> <br>This six-piece has brought disorder, chaos and euphoria to both big festivals (Peace & Love, Siesta, Storsjöyran) and cramped, sweaty rock clubs across the country. With band captain Alexander Arvman – one of the most expressive and dedicated front men in Sweden – at the steering wheel, Pen Expers have now set course for stages across Europe.



  • Baby's Gone Straight

    By Pen Expers

  • Bring On The Heartache

    By Pen Expers