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Artist background
Grin Acceleration

Grin Acceleration

Jönköping, Sweden

Recruited By: The Next Big Thing


Grin Acceleration was formed in Jönköping in the fall of 2009 by Marko, Pernilla, Tommy and David. <br>In the winter of 2009, David left the band and Mikko jumped in. <br>In April of 2010, demo was recorded in Oil pit studio. <br>Grin Acceleration is a band that think music should mean freedom and it doesn't matter how sloppy you are, it´s still art. <br> <br>Various music backgrounds by experienced musicians, Grin Acceleration wants to make a change and make new kind of music <br> <br>"It´s hard to define our music, but we like to call it alternative grunge metal" - Marko



  • Extract

    By Grin Acceleration

  • Release the grin

    By Grin Acceleration