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Artist background
The Nightshift

The Nightshift

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 24


Hailing from Gothenburg Sweden, "Los Muertos" (released 2008) is the band's first official release l. Without a doubt one of the most original takes on Horror-Punk. Hard and fast, melodic and creepy, and very unique. <br> <br>A new EP is coming: Fall 2010 <br> <br> <br>The Nightshift Biography <br> <br>In september 2007 the recording of the album "Los Muertos" began, 13 songs of pure Horror.Punk.Rock.n.Roll. <br>In november 2007 the band signed a record deal with the great label DR CYCLOPS RECORDS. <br>The debut album was released July 28 2008 and the response has been great, loads of great reviews! Especially in USA, Germany and Sweden! <br> <br> <br>History <br>It all started in 2005 in southwest Sweden, as an idea in the head of Mr. frazz, <br>The idea to create music in the spirit of horror, joy, punk, rock, and all of that. The first song to come alive was "Her Grave" and from there on Dr. bonzzo and Chris Chaos joined the band. <br>At this point The Nightshift was more like a project then a band even though Chris played the drums in the rehearsal place. <br>The first recording was "Your fiend our friend" with 5 tracks, it was recorded at the attic in Mr. frazz house. <br>After the first Demo was out Mr. Gentleman joined the band to play drums and the real band of the nightshift took form. <br>This was early in 2006. Then new songs took form and some gigs where played. <br>In aug of 2006 The band decided to let Chris go due to him moving a long way from Herrljunga where the band is based. <br> <br>A new recording with the now three man band is starting the 18 of aug 2006. <br>The recording of a 7 song mini album entitled "Part Time Monsters". Was released 1 dec 2006. <br> <br>As 2007 starts The Nightshift is in writing mode. Creating songs for the upcoming full length release.



  • Devils in the sea, and God in ..

    By The Nightshift

  • Los Muertos

    By The Nightshift