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Artist background
Ass Flavour

Ass Flavour

Vila Velha, Brazil
Recruited By: Scout - 33266


ASS FLAVOUR – Splatter Death Metal / Grindcore <br> <br>Formed in mid-2002 in the city of Vila Velha-ES, in order to make a sound Death Metal inspired by bands like Carcass, Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Cannibal Corpse and also influences of Grindcore scene bands. The compositions address tales involving horror, disease, death and eschatology. <br> <br>After a few performances in Espirito Santo lands the band enters in studio to record their first material, the demo CD "Hernia Hurts." With good effect on the national scene, ends up generating invitations to presentations on Minas Gerais , Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, sharing stage with great bands like Krisiun, Torture Squad, Sextrash, etc. <br> <br>After several changes in the line-up the band is consolidated with the following line: Victor Boechat on drums; Raphael Chicon on bass; Gustavo Souza on guitar; Leonardo Salarolli on guitar and Fylipe "Body Stench" Bezerra on vocals. <br> <br>In early 2015 the band released their first album, titled "Dirty Procedure", in partnership with some national labels(Rotten Foetus Recs., The Hole Prods., Läjä Recs., Moribundo Recs. and the sick bro Ronald Ribeiro) and is ready for the stages. <br> <br> <br>Contacts: <br> <br>Official Website: <br> <br>Facebook Page: <br>


  • Dirty Procedure

    By Ass Flavour