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Artist background
Brant Franco

Brant Franco

United States of America
Label & A&R at Record Union


HipHop , Pop , Rnb


  • Work

    By Diamond Audio

  • Love Yourself Justin

    By Diamond Audio

  • I'll Show You

    By Diamond Audio

  • Hello (Adele Instrumental Cove..

    By Diamond Audio

  • Ex's & Oh's

    By Diamond Audio

  • Hotline Bling

    By Diamond Audio

  • Sorry

    By Diamond Audio

  • Hello

    By Diamond Audio


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  • Attention


  • Do Re Mi

    Do Re Mi

  • B Lou

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  • Its A Vibe

    Its A Vibe

  • Rich Love

    Rich Love

  • Bank Account

    Bank Account

  • You Da Baddest

    You Da Baddest

  • Faded


  • What Ifs

    What Ifs

  • Believer


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    Rake It Up

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    Mi Gente

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    Strip That Down

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  • Location