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Artist background
Red Meadow Media

Red Meadow Media

Umeå, Sweden


Rock , Pop , Folk

In 2014-2015 personal reasons led us to take the fight against cancer, so we gathered 76 music artists and recorded a double album - On the Mend - with 26 songs (mostly Foo Fighters interpretations) and did a concert at the famous Guitars venue in Umeå. Our story was featured in both swedish and international media and all proceedings were donated to cancer research and projects in support of the concerned families. That was the start of the label. <br> <br>Red meadow Media is a label that keeps a small share for investing in new music projects and artists and let the artists, writers and charity have the rest (the most).



  • In a Happy State of Mind

    By Happy State

  • Run Girl

    By Sara Holmström

  • Bring Me Home

    By Sara Holmström

  • On The Mend - The Challenge

    By Various Artists

  • Christ Won't Fix Your Heart At..

    By Inculcado

  • Daughters

    By Early Bird & The Forest

  • On The Mend

    By On The Mend Band

  • Your Dreams

    By Sara Holmström

  • Why

    By Sara Holmström

  • Du finns kvar

    By Sara Holmström