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Artist background
Loose Tongue

Loose Tongue

Portsmouth, United Kingdom



Formed from the embers of a college based combo that rarely troubled the local music scene beyond regular jamming sessions; Loose Tongue have quickly gained the reputation as one of the most exciting live acts on the south coast. <br> <br>The bands’ high energy repertoire of superbly crafted songs reflects influences across many genres. Whilst being distinctive, Loose Tongue have successfully avoided being pigeonholed or branded with a particular style. What is certain is that the sounds weave their way into the subconscious and like a long lost friend give huge pleasure each time they return. <br> <br>Since first hitting the road in 2007 the band has inevitably undergone line up changes however the benefits of having a settled team since the summer of 2009 is now bearing fruit with huge demand for live shows and widespread interest in their highly polished studio work. <br> <br>Having built a solid fan base in many pockets nationally and garnering airplay throughout the U.K. and beyond, 2010 sees the band looking to hone their already explosive chemistry on stage and grab even more fans. With what they’ve already achieved, don’t bet against it!



  • Written on both sides

    By Loose Tongue