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Artist background
Stone Monolith

Stone Monolith

Humppila, Finland



Stone Monolith was founded in the beginning of 2013. <br>The trio took a moment to find themselves and ended up playing some form of stoner rock. <br> <br>In a storm of inspiration the guys came up with three songs which found their way to a demo <br>they recorded themselves in hopes of getting some gigs. 2013 passed as the band wrote more songs and played a few shows at Humppila and Jokioinen. <br> <br>In the beginning of 2014 Stone Monolith decided to take part in a competition for bands called <br>Turku Bandstand. At the end of March the trio found themselves in the finals and <br>somehow came out of it as winners. Winning the competition granted Stone Monolith a single-deal and some gigs. <br> <br>Stone Monolith's first single (and music video) titled Bahamut saw the light of day in November 2014 <br> <br>2015 had a solid start as the band was warming-up for swedish Freak Kitchen at Klubi, Turku. <br>Stone Monolith keeps on rocking through 2015 and have plans of releasing their next single at some point of the year.



  • Starborn

    By Stone Monolith

  • Through The Noose

    By Stone Monolith