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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: rolb

Alternative , Pop , Rock

Music is a part of my life which i can’t and will not be without, The interest has followed me since I was a little girl who always dreamt to be on stage and sing. Since that was not possible due to age I decided to be a imaginary singer. I had a little tape recorder which I used daily, I used stairways in my apartment building and put the music on and singed. On the yard outside I gathered my friends and singed and danced to them. I created some fame locally among friends and neighbours and felt very popular with all the attention. <br>In both sorrow and joy have the music given me comfort. When i sing and write music so does everything around me disappear and i am in another world, what a fantastic feeling! <br>In school I always attended song contest, at that time i did not have an microphone so i tested the sound in different kitchen tolls and found out that a coffee cups had excellent reverb. As soon i was home from school went the favourite coffecup out and put my favourite artist on the record player and started to sing, what wonderful memories. <br> <br>When I was nineteen I saw an ad that a rock band was locking for a female singer. And decided to audition and at my joy i was chosen as lead singer in the Band that then was called More Colour. We toured on different Places in Sweden and performed in Bars, restaurants and Hotels and party’s. <br>My life felt complete, to be on stage gave me such a kick. After the Band broke up I singed in a ballroom dancing band and further on in an soul band. I wrote a lot material myself which was necessary to me personally, because then I could express my feelings and everything that was inside me which gave me an incredible satisfaction. <br>I took break from music when my beloved daughter was born since i wanted to give her all my time, so i stopped performing, but kept on singing for her and our pets. My music interest has stimulated her to start to sing and she does think that mummy sings way too much sometimes. Together with my daughter we wrote some cute songs dedicated to our pets and I have an idea for music to children with those songs. When my daughter was older I felt it was time to pick up the music again, I began writing songs and one of the songs was dedicated to my daughter “Natalie” which I performed on a Gala for children with cancer 2006. <br> <br>This time I’m standing as an solo artist and my goal is to spread feelings and warmth trough my songs and music and give to others the same joy it gives to me. <br> <br>My genre is pop-rock but also sing classical, soul r&b. My influences are Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Carola, Josh Groban, Andrea Boccelli, Rhianna etc. <br> <br>My goal is to affect the listener and hopefully make a living on what I love to do and develop and improve, I have very high expectations on myself and always gives 110%. <br> <br>"The important things in life is to believe in your self and what you do and do everything with joy, just for the fun, then you'll feel real satisfaction "



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