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Artist background
Palace Down

Palace Down



Folk , Rock , Pop

San Fairy Ann is a quintet from Sweden. With roots in Stockholm and the north of Sweden, San Fairy Ann plays acoustic folk/pop with influences from rockabilly and country. The sound has been compared to artists like Mumford & Sons and Sufjan Stevens. <br> <br>The band started out in 2008 and has since then been playing frequently, mostly in Stockholm. In 2010 San Fairy Ann realeased their first, totally selfproduced, album "A Haunting To Nothing". The mini-album contains 5 tracks and has been much appreciated. <br> <br>This fall San Fairy Ann will be playing as much as possible in as many places as possible. Recording of a second album will also be started.



  • True North

    By San Fairy Ann

  • I guess

    By San Fairy Ann

  • Full Time Fire

    By San Fairy Ann

  • Shadows

    By Palace Down

  • Live In Session

    By San Fairy Ann

  • A haunting to nothing

    By San Fairy Ann