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Artist background
josef k

josef k

Copenhagen., Denmark


Country , Dance , Pop

First of all I am a husband who is crazy in love with my wife since she was just eighteen. She is still beautiful, so good to me - and the kids - and our grandchildren. I wrote this song to her, because she has put up with me for 35 years the 20th. of September 2015. It's her beautiful face on the cover, and guess what. She still looks wonderful. I am grateful for the life she has given me. I of cause dedicate this song to her, - but also to all wives in the world who, like her, keeps the family together. I thank Søren Andersen, MEDLEY STUDIOS, Copenhagen for helping me produce this song, make my old rusty voice a little better, and for playing all the music. Thanks to our Creator for my wife, kids, grandchildren and friends. Josef K Kristensen



    By josef k