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Artist background


chicago, United States of America


HipHop , Rnb

Kaneo, was born in the city of Chicago. were he began rapping at an early age, people around him always knew that he was the one. Kaneo, then, going by shorty k, decided to take his craft. serious. at the of 12 he joined a group STL, (shorties Taking Over) where he was one of three members, including his cousin. the group never worked out, although their all still close. Kaneo, at some point decided rapping wasn't going anywhere, some say he just wasn't up for it. iI know the truth Kaneo wanted Money and rapping wasn't bringing any in. Now Kaneo, has found that spark hes been missing and is ready to drop his first mix tape ever UnderRated. with a slew of video to come behind the mix tape. he plans to take the world by storm and eventually rise to the top. he has a second mix tape dropping in December, Better Than Before. his biggest influence music wise would be None other Than the, 6GOD. He loves his work ethic and the way he can command an ordinance and hopes one day to go on tour with drizzy. the kids is humble and on the grind defiantly not to be under looked.



  • Under Rated

    By Kaneo