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United Kingdom

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‘Excellent Domestic Short Hair’ is the second full length from (powr) trio Jonathan Nash, Hilary Knott and Dave Shields, a.k.a COWTOWN. <br> <br>After straying from their respective hometown’s and settling in the northern city of Leeds, the members of COWTOWN chanced upon each other whilst partying down in the cities vibrant d.i.y music scene and began playing together around 2004. Inspired by local groups like BILGE PUMP, D’ASTRO and PRINTED CIRCUIT the members of COWTOWN sought to create their own brand of mischievous, danceable party rock music to suit the needs of the local gigging crowd and world at large. <br> <br>Now into their fifth year COWTOWN have put out one full length (‘Pine-Cone Express’ CD on CHINCHILLA records), various sevens including a single for Machester’s Golden Lab, toured Europe twice and travelled the UK extensively sharing the stage with the likes of Les George Leningrad, Polysics, Yacht, The Death Set, Weird War, Ponytail, Indica Ritual, Future Islands, Gentle Friendly, Pulled Apart By Horses, White Mice, AidsWOLF, Future of the Left, Sky Larkin, That Fucking Tank, A.P.A.T.T, Kling Kang, Bilge Pump and all the other bitchin' bands of the world. <br> <br>‘Excellent Domestic Short Hair’ is also available on vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the album + bonus mixes from PRINTED CIRCUIT, GARETH S. BROWN. TOMORROWS DAD, RICHMANU and SENSE OR THIS. <br> <br>Limited to 250 copies each with unique hand stamped artwork with hand numbered sleeves. <br> <br>COWTOWN will spend 2010 playing with as many reformed 90’s indie rock and grunge favourites as possible. They hope to see you down the front. <br> <br>‘All bright primary colours and frantic musical attitude, COWTOWN are deceptively chaotic. Behind functional, blunt melodies and the dominating screeching sound of the keys, nifty guitar moves, fast-fingered synth parts and strong, driving drums are masquerading as amateurish musical flukes. The overt eccentricity of Cowtown in itself is something to recommend, but depths below the surface promise interest and nuances even if the joyful silliness wears off.’ - Kate Zezulka (Leeds Music Scene) <br>


  • Pine-Cone Express

    By Cowtown

  • Excellent Domestic Short Hair

    By Cowtown