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Artist background


Glasgow, United Kingdom



he Second Hand Marching Band are a band of 16+ people from Scotland that play untraditional folk music. They are also members of another 20+ Scottish bands, such as Eagleowl, Q without U, Dananananaykroyd, Lula Maes, How to Swim and Withered Hand. <br> <br>The band came together in the autumn of 2007. Pete moved to Fife at the end of 2006 and, with lack of access to a car or pals, spent time writing some songs and buying old instruments. By the end of summer there was a set of songs, which he passed round, then put on the web. Those that got back to him became the Second Hand Marching Band <br> <br>The band's sound is folky, featuring accordions, ukeleles, mandolins, brass, saxophones, clarinets, flutes and glockenspiels amongst other instruments. It has been compared to Beirut, Sufjan Stevens and other ensemble folk bands. The music is often influenced more by Glasgow's post-rock crew, such as Mogwai, with the songs building up in layers, albeit with acoustic instruments and not distorted guitars. <br> <br>All the songs can be played anywhere, using acoustic instruments and marching drums. <br>In the last four years, SHMB have played all over the UK and appeared at various large Scottish festivals such as Wickerman and Belladrum. <br> <br>Due to their size, the SHMB are often spotted practicing in car parks, outside pubs or in fields. You have been warned. <br>The band's first record, an EP called "A Dance to Half Death", is out now on the Chaffinch Records label. Chaffinch is a small but perfectly formed label from Wishaw, which has previously sported releases from King Creosote, Anthony Reynolds, Sancho and Lucky Luke. <br> <br>The first EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in Pete and Almac's flat in Kincardine, Fife, and finished off in Steff and Stoo's flat in Glasgow. It was recorded from July to October in 2008. A new album will be released in 2013.



  • A Hurricane, A Thunderstorm

    By The Second Hand Marching Band

  • Compendium!

    By The Second Hand Marching Band