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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 403

Pop , Alternative

Swedish afropopsoulfunk band with members Anders e and André Orefjärd. <br>Les motses music is naively positive and embracable . <br> Inspiration from all kinds of genres that are able to provide sumthin straitforward and unpretentious. <br> Lyrics are about everyday life and the escape of the ego. <br>The album was recorded during a long period of time between 2005 -09. <br>In between workin days Les motse recorded about fifty songs and chose nine to be a part of the album. <br>Featuring the well known mr Fabolous G of Trinity Crew (Million Stylez, Daddy Boastin) who provided the rhymes for the song ; Det är vad jag vill.


  • Mitt i Stockholm

    By Les Motse

  • les motse -Les Motse

    By les Motse