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Artist background
Human Desolation

Human Desolation

Stockholm, Sweden


Rock , Alternative , Inspirational

The story of Human Desolation began in late 2007 when former black metal band mates and compatriots Kristian Reunanen (vocals) and Miika Hakoma¨ki (drums) decided that they, mainly due to musical boredom, wanted to create a more conceptual style of music. This was soon actualized in the lyrics as well as reflected in the vision of what the band was going to become. The seed of a new fictional realm was sown. <br> <br>The slightly weird-humored, modern death metal guitarist Fredrik Danielsson was the first to join this innovative duo in December that same year, bringing more melody to the mix. Shortly thereafter, hardcore inspired colossus Fredrik Iggfors confidently marched into the rehearsal room making his baritone guitar look like a mandolin, turning the death/black trio into a fearsome four piece with a hint of stomp. The band then went through a number of bass players before finding their final member in the low-end mastermind Daniel Severinson – a man with a beard impressive enough to make Santa Claus reek of jealousy. <br> <br>Straight out of the glowing ashes of black metal mayhem, along with new members of somewhat different background, the early days of Human Desolation sounded a bit unpolished, as can be heard on the first recording; the slightly unimaginatively named, five song ”2008 Demo”. However, non-frightened to try new things, they took a big leap on the follow-up EP “Project Wasteland”. This masterpiece eventually found its way to the headphones of a contributor for Sweden’s best metal magazine “Close-Up!” who gave it a great half-page review with the headline “Best in Sweden” and a solid score of 8/10. Along with the release came a series of smaller gigs and the occational big one; a slot at the highly acclaimed festival Metal Town in Gothenburg followed, where they shared a stage with bands like At the Gates, Meshuggah, KoRn and System of a Down, to name a few. <br> <br>Since it's conception, Human Desolation has grown into a dense organism, purposeful and complex. This is a truth well portrayed in the fifteen new songs written, recorded and produced during the past two years. The band also shares the conceptual story about the post apocalyptic future humanity is facing: <br> <br>”Through the future ruins of mankind, five gentlemen with very different backgrounds come together and find unity in their struggle towards a mutual goal...” <br> <br>So to sum up - what it all comes down to for Human Desolation is to continue writing music and evolve, not only as a band, but as a concept. Constantly growing, lowering bucket after bucket into their never ending well of inspiration, showering in its knowledge. Fearless in trying new ideas, setting them in motion and making them work together, in harmony or dissonance, until death tears them apart.



  • Mind Grind Paradigm

    By Human Desolation

  • Realm of Silence EP

    By Human Desolation

  • Project Wasteland MkII

    By Human Desolation

  • Project Wasteland EP

    By Human Desolation

  • Demo 2008

    By Human Desolation

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