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Artist background



Recruited By: Hasse


Bruset came out of the suburb of Kortedala in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. The nucleus was formed in 1976, with this lineup: Hans Anderson (gtr, bg voc), Janne Blomquist (gtr, bg voc), Thorbjörn Jonsson (ld voc), Håkan Lundberg (bs), Håkan Sandsjö (drms). in place in 1977. We began as a sort of pub rock/garage cover band, and when punk came along we found an environment we fitted well into, started writing our own stuff, and took it from there. You might say we were the Eddie & The Hot Rods of the Gothenburg scene. <br> <br>Being a few years older than most of the other bands, we were instrumental in the formation of the local punk rock scene , in view of our relative experience, organizing gigs together with the other bands until the clubs, media and record companies finally took notice of the punk phenomenon. <br> <br>By way of ska, we gradually moved on into reggae and other more rhytmic music. We recorded half an album in 1980, the project being cut short by the drummer leaving the band. We were very active from 1981, touring heavily (for an amateur band) in Sweden and Denmark, at this stage featuring a percussionist and a keyboard player and occasionally, a brass section. Other than a few radio shows and a two-track demo, we never recorded again. Bruset played their final gig in August of 1984. <br> <br>Twenty years later, a single reunion gig was played in our hometown. Fun, but a one-shot event. After all, !978 is a long time ago. <br> <br>Hans A



  • Vitt Brus 1978-1980

    By Bruset