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Artist background
Union Street

Union Street

Tampere, Finland

Recruited By: Patriqx Playground


It all began in the magical summer of love 2009, as the vague ideas of six musicians from different backgrounds were shared in one of the hazy, secluded pubs of Tampere. These ideas soon formed into an actual plan of starting a 2-tone ska-oriented band, and the first band session followed shortly after. <br> <br>Some of the members – Kukka, (Beatmeister) Pete, and Jonski – had a history of common projects, but the rest – Tuomo, Kaisa, and Pete – came along with no previous experience of working with each other. Nevertheless, the first session was a success, and was followed by a multitude of new material created by several members of the band. <br> <br>Union Street had their first gig in December 2009 at Vastavirta, Tampere, and during the same month they also hit the studio, making their first demo. During the spring 2010 they made several gigs in Finland. First ep is out May 2010



  • This Feeling

    By Union Street

  • This is...

    By Union Street