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Artist background


Halmstad, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

We're doing it for real this time. <br> <br>Originating from the south of Sweden. We collided in a small town on the west coast to which we moved from even smaller towns. Growing up with the shadow of Luther hanging over our shoulders, our souls slowly grew bigger than our physical bodies. Feeding off of the people we meet, the movies we see, the music we hear and the travels we're constantly on. Driven on by infatuation, heartbreak, malt liquor, fistfights, broken hearts and bones… At some point we could no longer ignore… there was something to say… The arena for this is Bleecker. <br> <br>Now, Citizens of the World. Bleecker is where we meet. It's a place to visit, a state of mind, it's where our dreams grow bigger and our expectations explode. And - it's the name of our band. <br> <br>We will never pass under the sign "Nothing to declare". <br> <br>Sometimes less is more and sometimes too much is not enough… All we know is that we don't know – so we probably don't know. I think... not… <br> <br>So whatever the entity… everything is relative… and as long as it's true - it's all good (and if it's all fake but really well done… well that's fine too). <br> <br>/Bleecker