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Artist background


Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 24


Timeless. <br>There’s no other word better describing the music coming from this Swedish rock’n’roll outfit. <br> <br>Welcome to the Show is chillihounds highly anticipated follow up to their debut The Album. Although both outings share the same loose vibe, this time the group has dug further into their vinyl collections and explored all the branches of the classic rock tree. The result is a ten track onslaught with both variety and depth. There’s the party anthem of (Meet Me) On the Rocks, the groovelicious feel of Good Dog Gone Bad, the funky heaviness of Lady Pink and then there’s the acoustic southern rock of Sugar Lou. <br> <br>Is there a concept to it all? You bet. Everyone’s invited to come along for the trip when chillihounds tell the tale of rock’n’roll debauchery through an imaginary concert – hence the album’s title. The frantic show opener Hello! Hello! Hello! bids you welcome to a show full of rowdy parties, temporary female liaison’s and unruly crowds. The songs reflect upon the good life on the road in general. It’s the ultimate party album. Welcome to the Show concludes with the encore in the dressing room where the boys hammer out the finale Thank You and Goodnight. In other words, Welcome to the Show is the new Destroyer (kiss) for a new bunch of rock’n’roll fans. <br> <br>Thus the quest for bringing organic and soulful rock’n’roll to the people continues. chillihounds is not the latest fad nor is it meant to catch on the retro hype. It’s simply music played with lots of heart and passion by and for people who love the authentic rawness of ac/dc, deep purple, ted nugent, grand funk railroad, status quo and zz top. <br> <br>See you on the road, cheers! <br> <br>Gabriel Aadland: Vocals, Guitar <br>Carl Linnaeus: Bass <br>Stefan Johansson: Drums <br>Stefan Rasmusson: Lead Guitar <br> <br>Email: [email protected] <br>Website: <br>Press contact: +46 708 72 84 65 <br>



  • Satanic Overdrive

    By Satanic Overdrive

  • The Album

    By Chillihounds

  • Welcome to the show

    By Chillihounds