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Artist background


Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation



SERENADE is a Neo-Romantic project that strives for quality music rather than revenue. Everything is made independently, never a subject to the influence of any label, media or public demand. The conceptual atmosphere revolves around the inner self and true raw human emotions; rather than the artificial masquerade of western society and its utopia of a perfect image. <br> <br>The development of audio technology and the internet made it possible for many bands and musicians to break free from the chains of the industry, leading a vanguard against the old model, when music was subjected to a commercial goal, instead of the other way around. Still, the seas ahead every vanguard are unknown, and treacherous, and there is little to be achieved with no professional support, experience or funding, and long years of hard work pass by as if they were only step, after step, after step. The debut 13-track album "Night After Night" was finished in 2004, but the first studio-quality EP was conceived only in 2014.



  • Night After Night

    By Serenade