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Artist background


Kungsbacka, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 24


Hello! We are a band from Kungsbacka, Sweden, and we play punk/punkrock. We've been a band since 2008, we've tried different setups but decided in 2010 to have: <br> <br>Anton - Guitar/Vocals <br>Henric - Guitar/Vocals <br>Rikard - Bass <br>Sebastian - Drums <br> <br>We love music more than life! We don't play to live, we live to play! And we live to play punkrock/poppunk. <br>People have told us that we sound like a mixture of blink-182, Foo Fighters and Sum 41 and that is delightful to hear because those bands are a big inspiration to us! <br>We like to wright everything from huge arenarock songs to fast skatepunk songs. <br> <br>We released our first album 2012 on April 26th and released it ourselves via Recordunion. <br>We've sold many CD's and even got a thumbs up from the famous scotish band Biffy Clyro when we got to meet them. <br> <br>If you take the time to listen to our music you'll see that we are worth the time. It's something you've never heard before! <br>We love our music and we want to spread it worldwide, we want everyone to know what Endorfine really is and what it stands for. Which is freedom, punkrock and energy! <br> <br>Peace out and hope you enjoy our music! <br>



  • Neither One Nor Ourselves

    By Endorfine

  • Erections In The Sand

    By Endorfine