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Artist background


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Rock , Rock , Rock

It was 2001, going through dark times in Argentina, when Juan Franco Vilche along with Juan Pliachikas and Emilio Vega put together the band, Rastro. <br> <br>The band travelled around the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires, playing gigs of pure rock. <br> <br>This formation lasted until 2004 when it was dissolved. They spent four years in silent, waiting for the right moment…. <br>In 2009, Vilche, with lot of lyrics under his arm, call Pliachikas to reunite forces and regrouped the band again, they started recording and hit the road. <br> <br>After few months of rehearsal, Rastro recorded the first albums ‘Desde Adentro’ – From Inside, in ‘Del Abasto’ and ‘El abastito’ Studios, with the sound engineer Gonzalo Villagra and Gustavo Rowek as Dr. Drum. From there on they played live in every corner of the city in Buenos Aires. <br>The band, in continuous searching of identity, met in the music scene with Guillermo Estévez, who would become the producer and the band’s musical guide. <br> <br>Vilche and Estévez joined back in 2013 to write new songs for the pre-production of the new Rastro record, the album that was recorded entirely in Blacktape. <br> <br>Betting on only one purpose, to create heavy rock songs, the band recruited Max Correa after finishing the pre-production and started focusing only on preparation to enter the studio in the best condition possible. <br> <br>¨Oscuras Magias¨ (Dark Magics) was recorded after a few weeks in Cool Sound Studios, with Guillermo Estévez as the producer, who called Tom Taranto to be the sound engineer and Nikko Taranto as Dr. Drum. <br> <br>The new album was released in early 2014 and the band has been training to perform live and continue sharing their music into the rock scene of Buenos Aires. <br> <br>Rastro are: <br>Juan Franco Vilche – Lead vocal and bass. <br>Juan Pliachikas – Drums. <br>Max Correa – Guitars.



  • Estado Salvaje

    By Rastro

  • Oscuras Magias

    By Rastro

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