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Artist background
before you die

before you die

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


before you die... <br>...likes it raw and primitive, in an old fashioned way. <br> <br> That´s why almost everything on the debut album “spastic dance” is recorded live in a studio. <br>Some of the songs are first takes. The main reason is to keep the excitement, the jamming feeling and the nerve of the songs. If you listen really carefully you could almost feel the breathing and the trembling bodies and the pounding heart beats in the room. <br> All made in the purpose of keeping the natural dynamics in the music and the unwillingness to make everything too slick and overdone. <br> The band is admiring the presence and the naked sound of music recorded in the fifties and sixties, and the challenge of doing everything great from the beginning. Everything should be hearable and everything you hear should be made in that moment. Inspiration also comes from punk and Andreas Bergerson´s <br>social critical lyrics are an important part of the music. <br> <br> The songs are often driven banjo which might lead the thoughts towards country music but that´s not really a proper description of the music. Among the influences you will find Tom Waits, Neil Young and the Crazy Horse, John Spencer Blues Explosion, bob hund, Velvet Underground, Robert Johnson, Giant Sand, Black Sabbath, Portishead. <br> Just to name a few. <br>The band comes from Gothenburg, Sweden. Has been around since 2005 and has played a lot live. Only for the past 12 months, 8 concerts have been made in Berlin, Germany! <br> <br>Finally it´s time to release the debut “spastic dance” may 5 2010 on Lovely Records (Hellsongs, Oh Harry) and an extremely limited hand numbered edition on Devil´s Ruin Records in America. <br> <br>Hope You will enjoy our music! <br>



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