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Artist background
Never Told

Never Told


Recruited By: Hasse


In the summer of 2008 three boys created a band called Bootcamp Zero because there was nothing else to do in the "pretty" city they lived in. They created punk rock music that came from the bottom of thier hearts. But the five chords in their songs just wasn't enough... They started to do some more serious shit, but it still wasn't that serious as you may think. So in the beginning of 2009 they joined two music competitions, rockkarusellen and musik direkt where they got their own asses kicked. <br> <br>So in the summer of 2009 they started to work on a new demo and started to search after a new style, and they found it. But the sound of one guitar shredding just wasn't enough. Joe Mehanna joined the family in august 2009 and together they created a new sound and a new experience of maximum pleasure. <br> <br>The 2th November they entered the Kingtape studio and recorded a new demo called "Pain Is The Root", it includes three songs and you can listen on theme here at myspace. They also changed their band name to "Never Told". <br> <br>In March 2010 Måns Van Meeningen joined us! He took the bas and our previous bas player Jake is now the lead singer! <br> <br>One lebanese, one swede, one dane, one german and one dutch! We are now ready to climb to the top



  • Romance Will Kill Us All

    By Never Told