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Artist background
Captain Moonlight

Captain Moonlight

London, United Kingdom


Alternative , Rock

Captain Moonlight has recorded and performed in the West Midlands areas as part of a band and as a solo artist since 2008. After graduating from Warwick University, Captain Moonlight returned to Dorset in Summer 2010. <br> <br>'The Smile Record', released in April 2010, was the first full-length album from Captain Moonlight, showcasing a rock and ballad orientated collection with just one or two acoustic numbers for balance. <br> <br>A second album, 'Swing '07-'09', went on sale in early July, containing tracks from two previously unreleased albums. 'Swing' also features performances from longtime collaborator Andrew Brunning on tracks two and six. <br> <br>Branching out into a fully-fledged acoustic/jazz/blues sound, Captain Moonlight's third album, 'The Rest of Your Life', used none of the artificial hallmarks of its predecessors (notably drums and piano tracks), preferring instead to limit the instrumentation to almost entirely acoustic instruments and percussion. The greater prominence of saxophone and trumpet give the album a more jazz-orientated feel. Lyrically, the record speaks from the perspective of someone on the cusp of independent adulthood. By stripping back the instrumentation from the relative extravagance of 'Swing' and 'The Smile Record', the latest collection of songs were written intended to be played live and form the basis of any future setlists.



  • The Rest of Your Life

    By Captain Moonlight

  • Swing '07-'09

    By Captain Moonlight

  • The Smile Record

    By Captain Moonlight