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Artist background
Nadja Itäsaari

Nadja Itäsaari

Gothenburg, Sweden


Inspirational , Blues , Folk

Nadja is a Singer/Songwriter Composer from Gothenburg Sweden. She often says " Nothing I say is written in stone", With 100% roots from Finland and the "Trans-cultural" collision with the suburbs of Gothenburg in her blood, Nadja improvises, sings and explores various dimensions of vocal gymnastics. <br>In her music u can hear "Soundscapes" from the inner woods of mind and the calls of our former ancestors. Her Singer song writing and composing comes out in different expressions and voicings accompanied with a mix of pop, folk, jazz, blues, improvisational singing and performance arts.



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    By Nadja Itäsaari

  • Waking Up

    By Nadja Itäsaari

  • Iowna

    By Nadja Itäsaari