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Artist background
Candy Queers

Candy Queers

Ferrara, Italy


Rock , Alternative , Electronic

Born in the 2009, Candy Queers is an Italian band that creates music outside the genres. <br>Rousing sounds and crazy riffs kick off their songs with an hard rock taste. <br>Winners of several contests (Rocktonda 2014, Geometrie Sonore 2014), they shared the stage with bands like Hell in the club, Arthemis, Pino Scotto, Nanowar. <br>On February 2015 they promoted their EP "Fuck art, Let's make money!" (available on Spotify, iTunes) on a 3 days tour in Milan. <br>Now they're getting back on track with a new explosive LP "An Irreverent Fable". Stay tuned!



  • Fuck Art, Let's Make Money

    By Candy Queers

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