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Artist background
Marble Avenue

Marble Avenue

Coimbra, Portugal
Artist & A&R at Record Union


Pop , Rock

Marble Avenue is a Pop/Rock driven band from Portugal that started out in early 2013 with a main goal: Reaching out for those who need music to get through their days. After a year of preparation they fly to Reading, UK to have their debut full length album “Ocean In a Seashell” produced and recorded. Positively criticized as “feel good and joyfully punchy”, Ocean in a Seashell brings to life the result of companionship, hard work and passion through beefy Rock sonority. <br>Heavily influenced by Paramore, Tonight Alive and Fall Out Boy, Marble Avenue’s fast passed sound takes you through what may seem a classic Pop/Rock record with energy and the will to throw newer influences in the mix. Lead by Helena Santos and her warm female tone, the band work their hardest to deliver an energetic performance as well as a joyful live experience.



  • Ocean in a seashell

    By Marble Avenue