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Artist background


Colorado Springs , United States of America


HipHop , Inspirational , Rnb

<br> <br> <br>In an industry filled with worn-down repetitive formulas, it's always good when someone is willing to step out of the mainstream and take over. An artist of this Caliber can change the way we think, the way we feel, the way we dance, and even the way we perceive our own culture. Caliba is this type of creative, lyrical genius who will inevitably orchestrate a new era in self-expression and boldly carry Hip Hop to heights unseen. <br> <br>The fifth child of eight, Caliba was born Lamar Taylor in Los Angeles and grew up hopping around from Miami to Griffin, GA; from Newport News, VA, to Colorado Springs, CO. Friends were a luxury Lamar could not afford, but amidst the gypsy like solitude he gained a friend that changed his life: Hip Hop. <br> <br>Where were you when hip hop got you? Lamar happened to be at the tender age of twelve when writing and performing suddenly became second nature to the young artist. He released his first album with a group called 719 giving rise to a huge Midwest underground buzz. A few years later Lamar released another maxi single under the name Smoove-N-Scorpio. But Lamar felt like the truthful expressions within were not coming out. <br> <br>When he returned to Miami and released the ground-breaking solo single "Break It Down" the legendary Miami Disc Jockey Uncle AL immediately took notice. Unfortunately his plans to propel Caliba's career were cut short by his untimely demise. To date Caliba has released three albums, a video and now independently he Has released The Inspirational Project "My Testimony". Caliba has been ready for the industry… but is the industry ready for him? <br>



  • My Testimony

    By Caliba