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Artist background
The Invisible Dead

The Invisible Dead

Brighton, United Kingdom
A&R at Record Union



The Invisible Dead… <br> <br>‘’One of the greatest brighton surf horrorpunk bands i have ever seen’‘. Bodger (from Bodger and badger) <br> <br>If you are a fan of Stephen king, clive barker, The Misfits, The Cramps, 50’s Rock n roll, Country, Trashy 80s horror, cheap skull tattoos or sex then you’ll love this band. <br> <br>Brighton the seaside town is home to the likes of Captain sensible, Nick cave and eightees matchbox b-line disaster. A hedonistic booze and drugs binge of endless parties and clubs, gigs and sex is also home to The Invisible Dead. This group of deranged Sid james loving horror fanatics whos obsession with dark 50s doo wop, surf, rock n roll, Boxing, garage, punk, rockabilly, death rap and charlie manson has led to some of the most entertaining and dangerous live performances in town. <br> <br>The bands mixture of styles gives audiances a breath of fresh air amongst its less ambitious generic psychobilly peers. Live shows see a real chemistry between band members, all long time friends and siblings. <br> <br>Band members are thus. <br> <br>Steve Nuke 'em - Vocals/Guitar <br> <br>Dirty Unkle Paul - Guitar <br> <br>Henry of the Dead - Bass <br> <br>Eldrid Hertz - Drums <br> <br> <br>



  • The Mummy

    By The Invisible Dead


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