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Artist background


Falun, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


-”Dad, I think I want to be an architect.” <br>-”I’ve never seen you draw a house, but you spend day after day writing music. What should you choose to do with your life?” <br> <br>I packed my bags and went off to music college, bringing drummer brother Maximiliam along with me. The two of us had been playing music together for years and when we joined forces with college mates Markus, guitar, and Jonas, bass, we all knew what we wanted to be when we grew up. <br> <br>Consequently, we formed LIMITBREAK, an explosive, funky arena-rock adventure. We pride ourselves with dynamic live performances, a slightly more positive vibe, as well as an honest love for music. And I’m honored to be part of this group of dedicated artists and sincere companions. <br> <br>Our first songs were composed and recorded in just two days. With them, we entered a competition called “Demo 2009”, which we actually won. We did a couple of well-received live shows and later recorded our four-track EP ”Are You Ready?”, all by ourselves. Though this is only the start of our journey, I’m really proud of those songs. <br> <br>Since then, we’ve been focusing on band rehearsals to strengthen our live performances. Because that’s the thing about this band; if it’s worth giving a shot, it’s worth giving your best. My hopes are that in the future this aspect, along with our music, will allow us to keep pursuing our dream and inspire others to follow theirs. <br> <br>Now, we’re set on leaping back out into the world – ready to break the limits. <br>//Lucas – Limitbreak



  • Are You Ready?

    By Limitbreak