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Artist background
Tiger Tape

Tiger Tape

Stockholm, Sweden



Tiger Tape is the combination of desperate emotions, infectious melodies and a direct expression. The heart is torn into pieces and put together again, forming distortion, passion and songs without defend and pretend. <br> <br>Tiger Tape is Love, Emilia, Wågis and Kristina and it all started sometime 2006. The band was then called Moofish Catfish. Since then, the music has gradually changed but still kept hold of both playfulness and despair throughout. With the album release "I Woke Up in Hökarängen" in the spring of 2010 the band changed its name to Tiger Tape. In 2012 they will release their second album " Borde släppa en bomb över Slussen ikväll", the sound is familiar but slightly more polished and the lyrics are now in swedish.



  • Borde släppa en bomb över Slus..

    By Tiger Tape

  • Stanna för alltid, gå härifrån

    By Tiger Tape

  • I Woke Up In Hökarängen

    By Tiger Tape